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To all parties involved in this "incident", all I have to say is:

Relax. It's just coffee.

P.S., my favorite iced drink is a double shot with an ounce or two of half and half over ice. Yum!
Hi Denise, Sorry for the delay - Work has kept me away from here :). We can handle these requests in a variety of ways. You can create custom comments or modifiers to tackle these.

Denise Smith said:
Just so i can better understand how to handle special requests when we open...
Three shots, a cup and some ice... not a problem if that is it.
This ghetto latte talk? If it's rung up as three singles or a double and a single (but served in a single cup) then the added cost of the additional paper products and condiments could cover the additional dairy product. Would that work?
Also Mike, will my SP-1 Selby Soft be able to handle these personalized requests? I don't speak Starbuckese so all these half this and decalf, double, watchamacalit in a tall cup with crushed ice not cubed...
I guess I'm just going to have to hang out here and keep learning...
I read the post on this guy's blog a while back, and it nearly had me shouting at small children who walked past. Fair enough, I'm all for giving customers coffee the way they want it. However, I also respect Nick's decision to not serve certain drinks. It's his cafe, and he has the right to choose what atmosphere the cafe has. If that is one of hardcore coffee, served the way coffee really should be served, then more power to him. As for the 'tip' the guy left, that is totally out of order, and if he thinks that it was clever, or some kind of intelligent protest, then he's even more of a c*ck than I thought.

And as for Nick's reply (which I read first, lol), good on you mate. Don't let ar*eholes like that push you around.

At a $B in Saginaw (Sagnasty) MI.
Dude had the audacity to order a triple espresso over ice.
Then the Barista just looked at him and said "Are you kidding? "
Then she made the drink. At first I thought she wasn't going to make it. She must have been new! LOL!

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