15 KG Joper Coffee Roaster & afterburner - $41000 (Vancouver) WA

Joper 15 kg coffee roaster and International Roasting Systems afterburner for sale.Roaster was purchased in 2012 in very good condition available in early/mid May . Perfect time to roast on equipment before purchase a rare opportunity. Afterburner is on 6 ft + stand currently set up for inside installation . Please email for appointment to see roaster , employees at location have no information.
Sale includes ductwork from current installation .

Craigslist Ad Portland W/Pictures

Description  from Jopers Coffee Roasters web site
 BSR15  kilo Manual
With 50 year's experience, Joper Roasting machines are proudly handcrafted in Portugal by master craftsmen.  The coffee roaster is designed in nostalgic cast iron, and can roast and cool at the same time. This roaster has an external chaff collector.

The dual walled drum roasting machine runs quietly due to the high fiber insulation and no pulleys or chains in its design. Chaff removal is quick and efficient due to the free standing design. The powerful self cleaning roasting and cooling fans allows the separate airflow.

These roasters have a capacity of 15 kilograms of green coffee and can perform new roasts every 15 minutes with a 3 minute cooling time.
4 Separate motors, all direct drive for quietness and low maintenance.  Easy operator control with sight glass, sampler tube and temperature digital controller are provide to enable the roasting process to be monitored all time.  Built with roasting timer and electric control board.


    Sampling spoon and sight glass
    15 kg capacity barrel
    Multiple temperature gauges -- separate barrel, bean and incoming air temperature
    Stand-alone chaff collector
    Simultaneous roasting and cooling
    High capacity cooling system
    Temperature controller
    Installation, startup and user's manual

Technical data:

    Type of heating: Gas / electric
    Capacity:  15kg: 60 kg/hour green coffee
    Front and back plate made of thick cast iron
    Fuel: natural gas
    Very easy to use roaster
    Bearings are long life, in cast iron housings remotely mounted away from the hot roaster wall for extra long life
    Electric control board to check and control the roasting process.
    Safety device with CE rules and standards.
    4 separate motors. All direct drive for quietness and low maintenance: drum drive cooling pan stir arms, roaster fan and cooler fan.

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Sold this roaster?

It has been sold as of Thursday if the sale falls through i will contact you , Thanks Marco

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