Youngmin, Lee



Korea, Republic of

Profile Information:

What is your position in the coffee industry?
barista, manager, coffee shop owner, barista trainer, coffee roaster, industry professional, consultant
Where are you located? ( City and Country )
Seoul, Korea
How many years have you been in the industry?
If you are a barista or shop, are you interested in a barista exchange with another coffee shop/barista?
About Me:
- CBSC Coffee Business Support Center CEO
- SangJi YoungSe College Professor
- KCES Korea Coffee Education Society Certification Manager
- 2008 World Barista Championship Korea (KNBC) Judge
- 2008 WBC Korea Barista Head Trainer
- The Ultimate Barista Challenge 2007, 2008 Judge
- SCAE 2008 World Coffee Championships Judge
- SCAE Level 2 Certified Barista Authorised Trainers
- 2009 World Barista Championship Korea (KNBC) Head Judge

[Barista Competition]
- Tea & Coffee World Cup 2004 World Latte art Championships finals
- Tea & Coffee World Cup 2006 Barista Championship Winner
- The Ultimate Barista Challenge Korea 2007 Honor Champion
- Coffee Fest Hong Kong 2008 Millrock Latte Art Winner

[Writing Books]
- Coffee Training 2002
- Bast Coffee 77 2004
- Bast Coffee 77 China 2006
- Latte Art 2006
- Latte Art English, Germany 2007
About My Company:
[CBSC Family Company List]
* CBSC Professional Barista Studio
* CBSC Coffee Barista Solution Company (
* CBSC Works Room (
* CBSC Cafe Cezve (

Comment Wall:

  • Matt Milletto

    Hello Young, congratulations on winning the millrock latte art competition here in Hong Kong. It was great meeting you, thank you for the tampers. Keep in touch.

    - Matt
  • Steve MacDowall

    Way to go on your win - Steve
  • Heather Perry

    I loved Hong Kong, and it was such a pleasure to see you again. Congratulations on your amazing win! Are you going to Shanghai? If so do well and Good Luck!

  • Nick Cho

    Wow! 축하!
  • Greg Suekoff

    I am sorry I had to pass on Shang-hai! I will add phots from Korea soon!
  • Greg Suekoff

    When is it? Where? What do you need?
  • Greg Suekoff

    Do you need roasted espresso or a green bean blend? If you want the green coffee we can send roast profile information
  • Sherri Johns

    여보세요와 안녕하세요? What is your email address? See you soon! Congratulations on your win in HK. - Sherri