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At 3:39am on October 10, 2010, angela said…
My name is miss angela desmond i saw your profile today and became interested in
you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my
email address so i can give you my picture, for you to know whom i am.
Here is my email address( (
I believe we can move from here!
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
At 6:14am on August 17, 2010, Alvaro Sanchez said…
duuuuddeeee :) cool!

check out my new website

need a bit of a touch up but getting there.

Peace love and Tanza Beans ;)
At 2:30am on September 30, 2009, Nat Paolone said…
Yees Mate was just going to email you.

I will arrive this saturday morning in Gold coast, and will come down to Sydney monday or tuesday. Please send me your mobile again. I will call you when I arrive Saturday.

I am so stoked Ben!!

At 9:56pm on September 3, 2009, Nat Paolone said…
Hey Ben that sounds awesome! I really want to come up to your place and endulge in all the good stuff you have there. Talk soon mate.

At 6:54pm on September 2, 2009, Nat Paolone said…
My dear friend Ben! Good news, I will be in Aus from Oct.3rd to the 10, flying to Gold Coast but I will fly down to Sydney and we must get together! Please make some time, I only have 2 or 3 days in Sydney. What is your mobile, and home phone number please. I may call you on Skype.
Will be great to see you dude.

At 4:10am on July 15, 2009, sam corra said…
ben i need some coffee!! i dropped you a msg today but i will try again tomorrow, but if you get this before then please try and give us a bell so when can have a chat, cheers
At 10:27pm on June 5, 2009, sam corra said…
hey ben,
yeah coffee was really good, everyone enjoyed it alot, what was what though? which was the silver and which was the black? i personally liked the silver a lot off our expo bar megacreme at work but i have a little expo bar Brutus at home and a mazzar major grinder and i had a play with the black last weekend and it was exceptional. at the moment what were working on is opening an exclusive coffee club that will run friday saturday sunday, it'll be by booking only, feature cakes and pastries from world renowned pastry chief, and we are looking at running two or so signature blends, we've told alot of people and its attracted alot of interest so hopefully we'll get it happening in the next month or so, i no it's not the 30 or so kg a week but it might be a start any way, but i will be in contact with you cause i would like to get some coffee for personal use plus in the coming months i have a comp and a demo so ill need some nice coffee, i might even push for one day a week we run your signature to attract interest for the club, but you'll here from me soon alright cause i want 2 buy a few more kg's of you
At 1:44am on June 2, 2009, Nat Paolone said…
Dude I hope asap! I am really happy for you Ben, goon on ya.
Your photo of the latte pour is nothing less than awesome.

I am busy as well but not with the high-end stuff, but instead created a barista culture from the ground up in Vietnam and Cambodia working with limited equipment.

The best machines I work with is the Wega Polaris and GB5. But the La Marzocco in Asia are fitted with large flow valves so the extractions are too fast even when grind is adjusted so its hard to get it right.

I'll write soon.

At 1:04pm on May 29, 2009, Nat Paolone said…
Hey my friend its great to hear from you! Yes its been too long!

I am in Hanoi this week training, then to a small city of Hue. We need to talk about heaps of stuff.....!Whats new?
At 6:30am on May 16, 2009, Gwen said…
Hello Ben! I'm sorry I missed you in Cleveland, I'm also sorry that you had a rough time locating good coffee in C-bus. It's really a lot of chains. And my friends in Cincinnati tell me they've lost their last neat local shop. Ohio is sadly Starbucks-riddled. I;m actually in NYC for a few days. My sister is graduating from Parsons and just installed her senior show yesterday. She made this enormous house with little rooms with bears in them. It's was very cool. I don't have any pics of the exhibit yet but if you want to peek into the rooms here's a link. Cheers dear. I'm gonna hop the subway to Gimme! coffee now.
At 5:17am on May 13, 2009, sam corra said…
hey ben sam here, ok address is, cafe yala, citsa, reid capmus, po box 826 canberra, act 2601, sorry about the email you got today, elaine wrote it i don't know why she put it was from me, any way i been hastling her to contact you guys so i glad she finally did, if you could also chuck some pricing info in for us that'd be great, anyway we'll see how we go, ill talk to you soon thanks for that
At 11:46am on April 13, 2009, dcforman said…
oh yeah, and i hate to renege on the whole cupping thing, but we're still waiting on our roaster to arrive. Never thought it would take this long.
At 11:44am on April 13, 2009, dcforman said…
Hey man! Hate to say it, but the shop's closed up on monday afternoons. I'm still stuck out here cleaning and I won't be able to make it back into c-bus until around 5 or so. I would check out Cafe Brioso, they're at Gay and High. Call me if you wanna knock back a few later. 7404049329.
At 9:12am on April 13, 2009, Gwen said…
Oh no! Have you already gone back to Australia?
At 12:53pm on January 20, 2009, dcforman said…
Hey Ben! Unfortunately, coffee scene in Columbus is still pretty young, for how big C-bus is. I'd check out Cafe Brioso, they pull shots on a pavoni lever and roast in-house. If you want to make the drive, you should come out to my shop. We're getting ready to venture into the roasting side of business, should be up and running by then. I'd loving to have you out for a cupping. We're about 25 minutes from the airport. Let me know!
At 9:25pm on January 15, 2009, Justin said…
I'm happy I could be of assistance :) I've been missing the coffee world a lot since getting laid-off and am excited once I've become comfortable with my current job, to find a coffee house that will let me put in a few hours on my off days so I can keep improving my barista skills and knowledge. Remind me as time gets closer so I can be sure to have some time off.
At 9:24pm on January 13, 2009, Justin said…
Hey Ben what brings you to the C-Bus? Here is a short list just off the top of my head in my sleepy state of 3 shops in or near downtown. Let me know where you'll be or if you'll have transportation and I can get you an expanded list. Columbus has a nice offering of independent coffee houses with nice atmosphere and individual personality.

You'll definitely want to hit Cafe Brioso (14 East Gay) in the heart of downtown, they also roast in shop. A Touch of Earth is inside the North Market (59 Spruce St) on the North West border of downtown, they carry CrimsonCup and another very good local roaster (sorry the name is escaping me) and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Luck Brothers Coffee (1101 West 1st) is a nice little place in Grandview which is just a bit North West of downtown and prides itself on featuring different beans from small quality roasters throughout the US.

Let me know when you'll in town and maybe I could meet you and treat you to a coffee somewhere.
At 5:38pm on January 13, 2009, Kevin Cash said…
give me a ring when you'll be in the area. I'll show you a few spots plus I've got my Linea hooked up at the house. Look forward to meeting you in April.

At 7:04am on January 13, 2009, Gwen said…
I don't think I'm going to the WBC. I am trying to get to Harrar though. I've always wanted a trip to origin and might have the opportunity in February. It all depends on if I get my ducks in a row. :)
At 10:01pm on January 12, 2009, Mo Hautala said…
I don't think I am going to be able to make the competition in April. Three of our best baristas will be attending though. . . Speaking of Australia, we just had a new, well-experienced barista come from Australia. He's living in WY with his girlfriend he met here in the states while on a school exchange. His skills as a barista are remarkable, you must do things right on that side of the planet. haha.... Happy roastings "mate".

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