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Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Sipping coffee gets a sculptured body- does it sound bizarre to you? Thankfully it is true. This post will educate you how coffee can change your eating habits, metabolism, train your brain and ultimately cause weight loss. The best part of it is to get a smart coffee like this you don’t have to step out of your home. You can buy coffee online and start losing weight…


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What’s that Smell? 4 Signs Your Refrigeration Needs Help

We all give very little thought to our refrigerators on a regular basis, that is until our fridges start going bad. Wondering when it’s time to get a new refrigerator? Keep reading to determine if your current fridge is showing signs that it’s on its way out.

The Motor Keeps Running


Refrigerators often signal that they…


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Refrigeration Nation: How to Keep Your Cafe Cooler in Working Order

If you run a cafe, then you know all too well just how crucial it is to keep your cooler in check at all times. Coolers put all sorts of chilled food items and beverages on display for all customers to see. They keep your available snacks and drinks refreshing and tasting fresh and fantastic, too. It’s critical to see to it that you maintain a cafe…


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Custom Coffee cup I glazed!

Coffee cup I glazed in ceramics class!!
If you want one like it contact:
Andrea and Lorenzo’s Ceramic Studio care of The Ceramic Barn.
They might be between $40-$50 each.

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More Than Coffee: How Your Cafe Can Supply Fresh Foods

Working in food service can be enriching. It can be a challenge at times, too. That’s because dining establishment owners and managers naturally want to provide their customers with the best tasting and freshest food items possible. If you want your café to be a source of food items that encapsulate freshness, then you should take these approaches…


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4 Maintenance Items to Remember When Opening a Local Cafe

When it comes to opening a local cafe or coffee shop, perhaps one of the most important aspects of ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible is keeping specific maintenance tasks in mind. Additionally, doing this can also help an existing local cafe or coffee shop operate even better as well.

Here are four basic maintenance…


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4 Maintenance Procedures Every Commercial Kitchen Owner Should Know

Let face it; your kitchen is easily the most important area of your business. One equipment failure or even worse a fire can shut down your business for weeks and cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct weekly or monthly maintenance on your kitchen’s commercial equipment in order to achieve optimal production and…


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4 Benefits of Starting a Food Truck for Your Café

Despite the fact that you have a successful cafe on your hands, you’re someone who loves to challenge yourself. You want to see just what else you can do to bring in some profit and business to your cafe. One of the ideas that you should consider is having a food truck. Not only are food trucks becoming widely successful but they also bring…


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Tidy Cafe: How Smart Entrepreneurs Maintain a Cleanly Coffee Shop

Cleanliness is always desirable. Life in a squeaky-clean home can feel amazing. Working in a bright and pristine setting can feel just as incredible. If you’re an entrepreneur who has a coffee shop that’s your own, then you need to emphasize the value of optimal cleanliness and order. Customers don’t want to visit coffee shops that are dirty or…


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Branch out of the Norm: 4 Ways to Make Your Cafe Stand Out

With the world so full of coffee-lovers, many entrepreneurs consider the idea of starting their own cafe to be particularly profitable. However, in most cities, cafes are a dime a dozen. In order to make these businesses profitable, these cafe owners need to think out of the box to make their businesses stand out. Keep reading for four ways to…


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4 Ways to Keep a Clean Kitchen Space in Your Café

How your cafe looks says a lot about you. Even though your kitchen space probably won’t be seen by your customers, you should still make it a point to keep it clean. It will allow your employees to be more efficient, and a clean space will ensure that you are able to provide your customers with healthy food. If you own a cafe, make sure you…


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Starting a Local Cafe? 4 Tips for Meeting Required Regulations

Starting a new café can be a tedious task, but having a solid plan will alleviate most obstacles new business owners face when opening a restaurant.

Business Plan

The most important step to opening a new business is to formulate a proper business plan as a guideline for the startup process.…


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How to Enjoy Coffee on Hot Days

Coffee is a great way to wake up your body when you’re having a rough morning start. It's also a drink that many people enjoy throughout the day as their tasty beverage of choice. If you're one of these people, you may be wondering about the best ways to enjoy coffee even on broiling hot summer days. Here are a few tips that can help you enjoy coffee…


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Can anyone tell me what is the best espresso machine on the cheaper end that's for espresso only?

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3 Ways Small Restaurant Owners Can Compete with Chains

Chain restaurants have loyal patrons, a well-refined menu and name recognition. Many have large marketing budgets and are visible on TV, the Internet and billboards. In many markets, these restaurants are the primary competitors for privately-owned restaurants. Regardless of whether you are launching a new restaurant or you are struggling to bring customers into your established venue, you understandably need…


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Baristas are like Rock Stars, except for the part about the money.

You get the impression a lot money is being generated because of all the excitement created by baristas.  Yet, at the end of the day, baristas are paid very poorly with few opportunities to make any serious money.  Wouldn't it be great if baristas were able to make great income concurrently with their jobs.…


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4 easy ways to improve your office coffee

With all the options that can be taken to improve standard office coffee, it is certainly foolish to settle for overall bad quality. A cup or two of the hot beverage is said to improve productivity at work and raise focus levels in order to get more tasks done in the least amount of time. Unfortunately, most employees have complaints about…


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3 Extras Every Modern Coffee Shop or Cafe Should Offer Customers

Regardless of where your coffee shop or café is located, you understandably need to remain competitive in a tight marketplace. Your customers may have at least a few other options in the vicinity, and they can always choose to drink coffee or tea at home or at work as well. You need to give them reasons to stop by your coffee shop or café specifically. In addition to providing amazing…


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How to Prepare a Perfect Cup of Coffee at the Office

It seems as if a great many workplaces have kitchens or break rooms where you just can’t get a cup of decent coffee. This is especially true for offices with long working hours and strict deadlines where people rely on coffee to keep them alert and awake. The coffee you can drink there is mediocre at best, and you’re left to daydream about a cup of…


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Water-Logged Cafe? How Adept Managers Take Care of Serious Issues

Any type of water intrusion in your café can spell disaster for the health and safety of your business. The severity of the problem will determine your course of action. Here are some of the steps that you should take in order to tackle your more serious issues.

Investigate the Source

Determining the source of your flooding problem is…


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