Abdurrahim Yasin Tiryakioğlu




Profile Information:

What is your position in the coffee industry?
barista, manager, barista trainer, home barista
Where are you located? ( City and Country )
Bursa, Turkey
How many years have you been in the industry?
5 years
If you are a barista or shop, are you interested in a barista exchange with another coffee shop/barista?
Tell us more about your coffee shop or barista skills.
My career started at a 3rd wave coffee shop where I learned a lot about coffee basics. After I moved to another city for university, I worked in two other coffee shops including the one where I still working. I have been working as a full-time barista for four years now. I was promoted to the manager and head barista positions at both. I'm well trained about working under stress, keeping the standards I adjusted high while lining up orders, and high communication and managing skills. I'm good at understanding the coffee beans' needs and using a lot of brewing methods above average (V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Delterpress, Syphon, Turkish Coffee, Mokapot) besides using the espresso machine.
About Me:
I'm a 24-year-old Landscape Architecture student at Bursa Uludag University who doesn't continue studying. My life has been all about work lately but I played with two music bands in my high school years and my interest in music and guitar still continues. I try my best to understand beneath the surface, for example, video games are not only a free-time activity they are also a strategy, multi-tasking and problem-solving education for me. I always thought I'm a good barista because of my decent human science knowledge and multi-tasking skills. I've been in a relationship for 2 years and I'm a dog father.
About My Company:
(I'm not wroking this shop anymore) Specialty coffee is based in Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey. Even though Bursa is near Istanbul there is not much attention to the coffee industry. In this circumstance, we are trying to serve our customers high-quality (86+ points and Gr1 beans) coffee as espresso and as single-origin brews. Since 2021 we have kept reaching our '' We should teach locals about specialty coffee '' goal. We are using medium-dark roast blend espresso and we have 10 different single-origin beans for brewing methods and a 4lt capacity cold brewing stand. We've got a LaCimbali M32 Dosatron, 96C for each group head. We are using 7.5-7.8pH and set for 100-110ppm refined water. The shop's capacity is for 55 people max and our espresso usage is 45-50kg monthly
What is your favorite thing about the coffee industry?
Neverending learning phase about flavours, beans, brew ratios and learning the difference of espresso machines' technologies

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