Anyone care to recommend a Coffee Roasting Course or School?  (And provide reasons.)

I've been roasting since February and getting very good reviews. 
Been blending for espresso but mostly roasting Single beans for french press.  I KNOW there's more to know but I want to focus my education and not spend too much time/money on a misguided learning trajectory. 
What do you recommend?
1) to keep my customers happy,
2) to be able to get the best of any bean,
3) to enhance my blending abilities,
4) to find a mentor...

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How long have you been roasting, and on what equipment?
Since February. Diedrich IR3kg.
About 30 batches per week.
Join the guild brother.
Th American Barista & Coffee School is now offering roasting classes and custom classes.
I have heard about Water Street, Matt. COngrats. I saw a bag of the El Toro at the WCBCs last week but I think it went home with the Fernwood Boys! Feel free to send me a pound or two.
From what I have read about the ABCs Roasting Workshop is that it would be be similar to the 2 day seminar I attended at Diedrich when I purchased my roaster (similar except for the inclusion of fluid-bed info).
As a past student of yours I think ABC's roasting course looks like an excellent addition to ABC's curriculum.


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