Hey everyone.  I just wanted to put out there that I have a one pound coffee canning line for sale that I took out of production about 7 years ago.  It is an old continental seamer, complete with 9 head filler, de-scrambling table, boxer, conveyors, etc.  It lacks a vacuum pump, but I know where to buy them if needed.  We were running an 11.5 oz. tin can while we had it, and doing a truckload every 4 days during normal business hours.  So, it runs at a good clip.

It was fully functional when we took it out of service, and I'd expect it to still be with a little tune up.  The can companies usually provide a free technical visit if you're buying cans from them.  Their techs are very good at helping you get these old lines up and running smoothly.  They helped us a ton during our initial install phase.

Please contact me if there is any interest out there for one of these antiques!


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Where is the line located now?
Hey Frank.  I have the line in Kansas still.  kevin@bluejazzjava.com if you'd like to email, and I'll get you my phone number so you can call if you want to come have a look.


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