I am buying a coffee roaster. Please, tell me what kind of gaz is better? Natural gaz or propane?

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Which is readily available? Functionally about equivalent. If gas line already present I'd go NG.

if the natural gas is plumbed into the building by a utility co. ,why not?

if you have to have a propane tank installed ,you also risk running out!!and waiting for a refill(depending where you operate ) might take awhile,

investigate these points 

i dont think either one burns cleaner or better ,ill check that out

ditto to miKe's comment. I'm using NG because it was here. If I move the roasting operation up in the woods the only option would be Propane.

Most roasters come plumbed "out of the box" for NG.


Thanks friends,

I have no gas line in my place...

I have used propane for many years now & had no problems. Given the choice - propane.

Oops..forgot. Tell your roaster manufacturer you'll be using propane - the jets & valves must be set forthe higher pressure in propane.

Nice Call Dave.

Great tip.

Some of this may be repetative but her it is anyway. It all depends on what is available, but some diferances to consider are: Natural gas gives 100,000 btu/therm compared to propane which gives 92000 btu/gal +-. Natual gas costs considerably less (at least in my area) than propane. Both burn about as efficiently and both need the same amont of maintenance.

Taking these points into consideration natural gas is a better value, but again it all depends on what is available.

Make sure you order your equipment accordingly if the equipment is used find out if it can be converted, most equipment can be.


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