As a small roaster we can not justify the expense of a de-stoner, nor do we do the volume to justify it. However, as our coffees find their way into more and more cafes I become exceedingly worried that the stones I frequently find loading the batches will make it into a nice grinder and I'll be buying someone new burrs. Anyone have an economical, sure-fire method to keep stones out of my final product? The current system is a careful eye at every step of the roasting process. There must be something out there as I know of roasters who crank out 1500 pounds a week and they do not have a de-stoner.


Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Colombia sometimes exports gravel with coffee and Nicaragua seems to like to include metal trinkets. But like everyone else has said, Sumatra is definitely the origin of a lot of rock. In one *triple pick* bag I've found candy wrappers and cigarette butts, along with some sort of plastic idol that thankfully was spotted before heading into the hopper. 


If you are in a warehouse environment, building a destoner is pretty simple. You'll just need a blower and a friend who can weld. But if you are in a cafe environment it can get a little tricky balancing aesthetic & noise... I find most roasters spot these things in the tray or before loading while scooping. 


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