what are some austin shops worth checking out? you know, quality shops. the ones I know of are:

1) caffe medici
2) once over coffee bar (checked it out today-it's small but awesome!)
3) clementine coffee bar
4) thunderbird coffee
5) progress coffee
6) flightpath - seemed to have a good atmosphere, havent tried their coffee yet.

what are some other shops with good coffee/atmosphere that I should check out? talk about your favorite shops here!

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i think you've pretty much listed most of them already. i might take flightpath off the list as far as coffee goes, but it's been a while since i've been up there -- i live south so i don't really go there much.

fair bean on south lamar is pretty decent and it's a nice space. i believe the owner roasts his own. it's just down the street from once over in that green building, across from end of an ear.

once over *rocks*, but i wish they had better lighting and more comfortable seating. but their espresso is awesome and the capuccinos are gorgeous.
Houndstooth and Frank (407 Colorado)


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