Hey all,
My name's Charlie Biando. I'm a barista in Philadelphia and an actively touring musician/person (not always the same thing). I love coffee, music, and seeing the world. I created this group for fellow globe trotting dudes and dudettes, who want to hang, drink coffee, check out music, do "local things," and maybe, just maybe, have a good time with the help of others and not go completely broke in the process.

I'm thinking the best way to get people in the know of one's travels are posting the travel dates, area, and possibly purpose in the Discussion Title/Post Title.

So, for instance, although I live in Philadelphia, my band's label (Joyful Noise) is based out of Indiana. We have an upcoming CD Release show in Indianapolis, ID. So, we decided to have a mini-tour through Ohio, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania. Soooooooo, my title is:

"Jun 26-28, 2009. Ohio, Indiana, & PA. "Hermit Thrushes" CD Release Show and Tour"

Seems logical, right?

Anywho, here the dates and information:

June 26th
8PM The Little House (Columbus, OH)
June 27th
5pm Luna Music (Indianapolis, ID)
9PM The Empty Bucket (also in Indianapolis)
June 28th
8PM Garfield Artworks (pittsburgh, PA)

More info can be found at www.myspace.com/hermitthrushes or


Let the good times begin!

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