We have been tossing around the idea of having Wine for sale at our coffee bar and I am curious to hear from the coffee houses out there doing this very concept already, what works and what doesn't...

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Hi Dawn! I can tell you that I have a number of customers doing this successfully - they are usually people in areas that need that extra sales later in the day to supplement the coffee side. I think that tea and wine are very complementary beverages in the coffee world!
I just relinquished my liquor license here in Australia as i was only selling .04% of my gross in beer and wine. I had an extensive wine list with some great local and import wines. The reason I decided to get rid of them is that i only open until 5pm a majority of the time, so after dark when most people drink wine we were closed.

i would like to trade nights later on down the track, but for now it was cheaper for me to give it a miss.
my goodness it's such a good idea, coffee and wine bars in New Zealand and Australia are magic coffee in the morning
and wine at night advice is though only 3 beers and don't write a permanent wine list put it on a big mirror or something so you can rotate at will and not hold mass stock, but keep it wine focused if there are spirits and typical 10+ beers it's a bar
and you lose the cafe look and culture just dam good wine that changes some great cheeses and cold plates...
very into this concept got lots of ideas if you want more. wine and coffee just add some good chocolate and away you go

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