Hello BX,


I have been looking for an anodized green tamper handle, and nobody seems to have one.  Well, that isn't quite true, but what I want is this style:




(i.e. Tall Ball) but anodized green aluminum.  There exists (at RB) a powder coated green tamper, but it isn't tall-ball and it's also a very bright pastel kind of green.  Darkish green anodized - this is what I desire.

So, is it out there?


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First off, find an anodizing shop near you.  Next, take the aluminum tamper and coat it in Easy Off oven cleaner.  This will remove whatever anodizing is on the aluminum tamper.  Then, polish the tamper to a mirror shine.  Take it to the anodizing shop and have them coat it in whatever color you desire.


You now have a tamper unique to you!

These are my favourite tampers!!!! I have them, and they are worth every cent.


You will find what you're looking for there.

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