I've only sold my roasted coffee in whole bean form, but get alot of feedback from customers wanting it ground. What is everybodies thoughts on this? do you do it? I know the arguements for freshness etc are for whole bean and grind just before use..but am I being to much of snob for selling packaged ground coffee? should I get off my "high horse"? I'm torn on this one...I have a high belief in service, but I also want the best coffee experience for my customers?

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Hey all:
I'm being asked this very question by a client right now... 'when will you be able to offer pre-ground, measured packets of your coffee that we can tear open and brew?'
My reply, thus far, has been:
1) freshness is a hallmark of my company. There ARE a growing number of customers who get the freshness and whole-bean-grind-before-brewing issue - they are who I'm targeting with my company.
2) the cost of acquiring a bulk grinder and a packaging/sealing machine are cost-prohibitive to my small company at this point. And,
3) if/when there is a probability of preserving reasonable freshness (perhaps packaging in a sealed bag with a valve?) with pre-ground coffee - AND the price is reasonable to do all that THEN I would consider providing that only for clients who need that.

With all that being said, are there any of you roasters out there who have recommendations on cost-effective (with rough pricing) packaging/sealing machinery that you're using (along with the right packaging with a valve) and have the ability to preserve freshness without having to mortgage your home and first-born child in order to do it? We'd really be interested in investigating the options that are out there and thought I'd start with this forum since some of you may be already doing that.

Thanks for the discussion.

Keep a grinder available, some people don't care as much as we do about the taste of coffee. We try to grind it, for those who want it ground, at the last possible moment prior to them getting it. Also try to educate them.

Try this experiment, take some fresh roasted coffee, grind enough for a pot, french press etc. then the next day brew fresh ground and the coffee ground the day before. (using both from same roast batch of course) You will be amazed at the difference drinking side by side. Did that to my wife and she thought it was 2 different coffees!!


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