I am looking for a source for 6 ounce hot cup lids....the sip lid type.
Do they even exist?
Would appreciate any help!

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The only 6z cup lid I am aware of is the tab type lid.

Have you spoken to your paper supplier? We don't use 6z paper cups but our paper supplier does all the research and digging for us whenever we (I) have a(n odd) request for paper goods.
If you are referring to Solo cups, I have only seen 4oz and 8oz cups. They don't make lids for the 4 oz cups but they do for the 8oz cups. They have them at both Cash and Carry paper in Indianapolis or Costco...for us Indiana folk.
Who manufactures the cups? Not all lids fit all cups.

Styrofoam cup? Paper cup?
We need more details. There is not one 6oz cup.

We have the same problem! We use SYSCO, PFS LESTER, Palmer Foods, Everything Coffee & Tea... and no one has lids for 6 oz!
We only bought them as sample cups for our open house but there has been times it would have been nice to have had lids for them. We use 8 oz and 16 oz. Be aware that some lids will not fit some cups even though they are the same size. Example: a lid for an 8 oz SYSCO cup (which I believe is SOLO) will not fit an 8 oz Sweetheart lid... Your customers will wear their coffee!
Chris, I have continued to look for these lids for you to no avail. I have been told several times there are none available anywhere.
yeah..I am giving up now.
Oh well.
Who wants capps to go anyway?
The Coffee Institute said:
yeah..I am giving up now.
Oh well.
Who wants capps to go anyway?

Is it free? I'll take one if you make it for me...

No, but seriously. I asked our Sysco rep last week when he came in to do our order and he told me that 6oz lids were a no-go, but that he would look into it. Just Monday, when he came back he said he had nothing for me.


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