What is your most personally lusted after espresso machine??

Just as the above title states. If you could have any espresso machine for yourself right now, which one would it be and why.

Below is the one I've had my eye on for a couple months now...

^that's a refurbished 1950's Conti Empress lever from Orphan Espresso. Almost every day I visit their site just to ogle over it one more time, and to see if anyone's bought it yet.
Personally I think their asking price is a bit extreme, even after it was dropped a whole thousand bucks. If it were a Faema Mercurio from the same time period then yeah, I think it could definitely fetch what their asking... hey maybe even then some. Btw I predict that it'll end up selling for just shy of two grand.

Vintage levers FTMFW baby!

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mine is a 1965 E61, it pulls sweet shots!  but this is one I lust after


James.... what. is. THAT?!

its a 1948 la pavoni designed by Gio Ponti it was the first horizontal boiler machine

its a model 47 la Cornuta, which means rams horn

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