What is your most personally lusted after espresso machine??

Just as the above title states. If you could have any espresso machine for yourself right now, which one would it be and why.

Below is the one I've had my eye on for a couple months now...

^that's a refurbished 1950's Conti Empress lever from Orphan Espresso. Almost every day I visit their site just to ogle over it one more time, and to see if anyone's bought it yet.
Personally I think their asking price is a bit extreme, even after it was dropped a whole thousand bucks. If it were a Faema Mercurio from the same time period then yeah, I think it could definitely fetch what their asking... hey maybe even then some. Btw I predict that it'll end up selling for just shy of two grand.

Vintage levers FTMFW baby!

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Ahhhh yes, the Kees Van Der Westen Speedster=^D There was a guy down in Houston selling his a few months back. He was asking seven and I offered him 5 cash picked up. Needless to say he declined my offer and it sold for asking just a week later!
Wow what a nice machine! I love the "vintage sneeze guard" (I call it) and those handles are so pretty! Things that I would change though are the following:
It clearly needs a new grouphead gasket...look how far the pf is wrenched over!
What's with the bitty steamwand? Oooo what if it had a San Marco old 85 long steamwand...
Conti seems like a great brand from what I know of them.
My new favorite is a custom by Salvatore Espresso
Check it out, you will cry
Scroll all the way to the bottom. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Copper is the new brass.
That Salvatore is crazy man!

Ahh, do I have to pick just one? I lust after commercial levers, I lust after the Speedster, I lust after the new LM that is not even released yet, I'm just a lusting luster. If I could I would devote a room just for my machine lusting. Then I would invite my spro friends and Associates over to watch them druel...:^p
KvdW + Lever. Haven't even used one yet and still I want one...

Thanks, now I know which lever machine I want.

Brady said:
KvdW + Lever. Haven't even used one yet and still I want one...

Actually, the sketch for my ultimate commercial bar "dream machine" is on my desk... just waiting for the right donor machine to come along at a time when I have some free time. This KvdW would be a close second...

If we talk just single-group homey-type machines it is a bit of a different discussion. I'd have to say one of the original speedsters, with a more realistic choice being one of the aforementioned vintage leva machines. What can I say... I'm looking for a little different experience, and am totally intrigued by lever machines right now. If'n I had a coupla grand banging around, this would be on my counter right now:

I agree w/ all of you on the beauty of these machines... some are just stunning! I just wish there was a way to actually take 'em for a test drive for functionality and personal preference. Santa brought me a new Expobar Brewtus III for my home setup, and I am enjoying it, but I had to decide among many good contenders sight unseen.

For commercial machines it's the same... if it's a machine you haven't gotten a chance to work on before and have only dreamed about, how do you really know it's the one for you?? I dream of owning a Synesso one day because I've heard great things about them and like the features, but part of choosing is also a leap of faith.
teresa said:
I dream of owning a Synesso one day because I've heard great things about them and like the features, but part of choosing is also a leap of faith.

Well for one it's American made and obviously overbuilt to last quite a while. The saturated group is definitely a major plus as well!
Would love to have either a Quick Mill Anita which is a HX model or the Alexia with the PID option. But then there's the Salvatore Black One.
Mine, the classic Marzocco GS paddle group, PID'd of course!

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