I'm looking for a POS program for my coffee house.

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We had Selby Soft SP-1 for the nearly the first 3 years. If you use them be sure to send them your full menu Before you go active with it and make sure they have time to program and make changes for you. We did not follow the normal procedures and I believe it led to too many conflicts. The worst with them was we the time difference between us didn't allow for proper support. We now have Coffee Shop Manger. It is hard to change but we are currently learning the system. The biggest issues are the clichés because of the new PC Compliance laws. Everyone has had to upgrade their systems and ours has been crashing. Coffee Shop Manager has good support and they have been working on it but it is never easy when you have a line of customers and someone's credit card crashes the system.  What ever you do, whom ever you choose, have a back office computer, learn how it works and learn how to manage the program yourself.

Michael Canton said:

Hi, I'm opening up a cafe in the next couple of months and looking at Selbysoft for my POS. I saw that you were looking to purchase one and I was curious to know your experience with it so far. Any feedback would be invaluable. Thanks.

Denise Smith said:
We are about to open with Selby Soft. We are going in today to finalize the menu on it. Great folks to deal with, great support so far.

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