What bands have you now gained more respect for after seeing live?

The other night, I went to a concert with a friend of mine and my sister and her boyfriend. It was at a local college (Carroll in Waukesha, WI) and the line-up was nothing to shake a finger at; Ra Ra Riot, Cold War Kids, and Death Cab For Cutie. Now, don't get me wrong, I was very excited to see these three bands, but I never really have given a fair chance to Death Cab and I always have seen them in the media as being portrayed as a very mellow almost boring band to see live. I am very glad to say that I was completely, 100% wrong. These guys live were absolutely incredible. Pulling songs from their first album and performing songs you would've never thought they would (of course they're were the hits too). Their energy was that of any local garage-punk band that starts pits and crowd surfing. As well, the instrumentals that they would perform in between songs were very creative and helped you move from one to the next. This concert made me completely rethink my entire outlook on this band, not just due to the fact that they played great, but also played at such a small venue and wanted to give us a more intimate show. I'll wrap this up by simply saying I have a lot more respect for them.

So my question to all of you; Have you ever seen a band live and had a complete change of mind on your thoughts/respect for them? If so, what band? What kind of vibe were you in? The venue? The crowd? Anything that makes the story that much more your own and makes you appreciate the beauty of live shows.

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I agree and had a very similar experience with Death Cab at Sasquatch a couple (?) years ago.

But, I would have to put The Avett Brothers at the top of this particular list with out a doubt. Saw them 3 years ago at The Tractor in Ballard. The crowd was BLOWN AWAY and we got them to do 4 encores. One encore was even after the bartenders turned on the lights and unplugged the PA. Incredible.

AC/DC. they might be dinosaurs but after watching them burn down the oakland coliseum last year i have more respect than i ever did. sorry for being so mainstream...
depeche mode
Well..... this'll date the crap out of me, but I'd have to say........ Buffalo Springfield at the San Bernardino Orange Showgrounds, 1967. Who would'a thunk that out of that "happy-smoke" filled auditorium, with all the psychadelic lighting, and on that makeshift wooden stage, Stephen Stills and Neil Young were getting ready to be music icons! For me, the respect comes many years later, when the music makers I saw "back then", and didn't really know much about, are still plugging away 20, 30 or even 40 years later. Time is the true test of greatness.

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