Is there a standard or goal in our industry for time it should take from the time a customer orders to the time they get their drink? Both for walk in and drive thru. i have heard a bit of discussion and i know there are many variables but i want to have at least a goal to aim for.

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Been working in restaurant for over 14 years  (6years as head chef of busy fine dining restaurant) i notice that if you devide the wait time in fraction customer don t notice that much.

What do i mean is that a costumer notice the waiting time in line then its is coming in a neutral zone when order ther drink to the customer . so if the barista is really back up and there is a line . well if the cashier slow down the past a little bit in the ordering well , it give a little chance to the barista and bring the time betwen the ordering time to the drink delivery down witch is the  wait periode that the customer will notice and remeber the most since it is the last time spend in your coffee shop.(long wait for ordering will often been blame on picky customer but long waiting time for coffee will be blame on the staff>)

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