Just wondering who hear has tired these baskets, and what they thought of them. I just started using the 21gram vst basket at work, and im not sure what to think of them yet. My shots are defiantly more inconsistent at the moment, which could just be because these baskets are new to me. These baskets seem VERY prone to any flaw in the puck. Ive had more shots channel in the last 3 days then in the last three years. Im hoping that this is just an adjustment period til I get used to them, but for now I see no added improvement in using these baskets. 


Any one else have any experience with these baskets?

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I'm anxious to try them.  Will update when I do.  I'm not going to have my machine until mid August.  Out of curiosity, why the 21g?
Your asking why we use the 21 gram basket? Its because we dose between 20 and 22 grams. If that wasnt what you were asking sorry. I love to hear some real world use of them and what people think. Anyone?

Nothing firsthand yet. They received a couple at our local Counter Culture lab a month or two ago, and sounds like he likes them. It also sounds like they run way differently too... so there's a learning curve (you're not the first to run into this). I'm headed there this afternoon and will see if I can spend some time with them.


Frankly, I'm not expecting much on my first go, but it ought to be a hoot anyway.

One of my past students at a shop here recently switched to VST baskets.  I think they went with the 18g.  He said, "Dude, our shots have never been more consistently good..  Those VST baskets.. they changed my life."  An exaggeration, to be sure, but I'm looking forward to having the time to go check them out first hand.
We've had the baskets for a few months now and I think that they change the way we make espresso.  Our  techniques have had to change though.  The grind is much finer allowing us to reach more extraction easier. Dosing the coffee bed with a mound in the center and using a very curved tamper doesn't seem to work very well with these baskets.  Neither does trying to achieve the same flow rate as you might have with the synesso triples. ( We used the synesso doubles before and the 19 gram VST baskets now.)  That of course depends on the flow rate you were trying to get and the ratio you were aiming for of course.  If you're aiming for a flow rate of 27+ sec the grind may be too fine and cause some spritzing.  My point is that with these baskets you don't need as long of a flow rate to reach the same extraction.  These baskets are much more efficient.  At any rate, I think that it takes some experimentation to figure out how you want to use these, but for us there is no comparison to the old baskets as far as consistency and ease of dialing in light roasted espressos. 

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