Ok Ok, I know that this machine is the cause of hatred in the heart of many baristas, especially those who have been scorned by the corporate industry.




One of the cafes I'm contracting with has recently been GIVEN this machine because of an outstanding debt with another business. It's running, but it needs new bean hoppers.


Does anyone know where I can find said replacement hoppers?


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The Verismo 701 & 801 utilize the same hopper. They are manufactured by a company called Scharer, Verismo is the rebranding done for Starbucks. See if there is anything on this site that can help you.

Actually the 701 and 801 use different hoppers. The 701 was made my Schaerer and the 801 was made by Thermoplan, both of which are Swiss companies. Thermoplan's own name for the 801 was the "Black and White" but Starbucks bought the exclusive North American distributorship and renamed it the 801 for some kind of precieved continuity moving from the 701. The two machines are quite different and do not share parts.

The 701 is now called the "Ambiente" and is still availible from Schaerer. You can look online for distributors and order hoppers. You should get the model number and serial number from the info plate. That will help the parts person figure out what kind of hoppers you need based on what generation of machine you have. Schaerer also has an active sales force. Never underestimate your power as a roaster. Equipment sales people love roasters. Get in touch with your regional Schaerer rep and he/she might be able to hook you up.
Got them hooked up. Thanks so much for that info, guys!

and way to be super knowledged about supra automated machines. I was scared everyone on here would turn their nose up at the thought of knowing anything about the corporate machines.

You totally helped me develop an espresso bar contract in a fine dining rest.

:) Have a great day.

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