Forgive me if this has been dug into a bunch already on BX, but there has recently been a little bit of a buzz about Hario v60's on the Twitter-sphere. Nick cho stated that the v60 is a generally bad brewing method that is too inconsistent due to it's design and way most people brew on it. Others defend it and say that you can get consistently great brews with good technique. I happen to brew coffee by the cup on v60s for customers every day at work and this discussion has had me thinking about my own technique and how to not just make it more consistent, but a great way to show a coffee to customers.
I think my brews are improving. I've been able to maintain better brew temp (temp loss can be a problem on it) and evenly extracting the grounds.
So now that I've ranted a bit, my question is how you guys brew on v60s. What tricks, techniques, guidelines, personal touches do you do to make your brews more consistent?

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Oops, meant to link this for that post:

Christos Andrews said:
This has greatly improved my v60 technique. It shows that a constant (or near constant pour) can really help temperature stability. It can also keep the grounds fully saturated. I feel my brews have improved. While I can get more solid cups lately, you're right, it's a little flat at times compared to clever, siphon, press...
a lot of people have mentioned overextraction in the v60, does anyone have extractmojo or TDS data to back that up? i was under the impression it's pretty difficult to overextract (>23%) coffee at room pressure.

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