Hey guys, I am doing a catering event and I'm not trying to buy a new portable machine.  I was given a UNIC Diva 200 bd de la Madeleine.  Honestly I'm not even sure if that's the name or not. It's just what it says on the little plaque on the front.  Anyways...It hasn't even been turned on in at least 5 years. So after a few electricity issues I get it turned on and the water hooked up. Its still not heating up.  I looked for a manual online but no luck...and surprise....all the websites I find are in french. 


So does anyone know anything about these machines? Anything would help.  I'm not even sure what all the buttons mean.....and I am pretty amazing when it comes to figuring things out. Someone help!!!

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Here's the service manual from UNIC-USA.com (warning, it takes forever to download). Scroll down to page 12 to start the English portion of the manual. There is a troubleshooting section.


These are pretty simple machines, aside from a couple of weird components. The single, double, triple cups mean 3 different doses. The triangles pointing down are the continuous flow button.


After 5 years idle, I'd expect lots of water related issues... valves frozen, pipes clogged with crud. Is the machine even filling?


This machine may need extensive work before it can be used. Its probably tech time.


Good luck.

Thanks so much Brady! Water is running through but I am not sure if it is filling.  The heating component is not working. I will download the manual....see what happens.  Thanks again!
I was about to go into some troubleshooting steps but have no idea of your technical skills. Tell you what, fly me (and my wife Debi or she'd kill me) over and I'll work on it for you for "free". :)

Hahahaha thanks Mike! Thats a very generous offer! I'm gonna see if I can get someone a little more local.  I'll keep you in mind though!


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