"Strong coffee doesn't equal a dark roast, merely a greater concentration of grounds to water. Also, dark roast has more caffeine by weight because it looses more water during the roasting process. However, since the beans expand it has less caffeine by volume. Since most people measure their coffee with a scoop instead of by weight lighter roasts do have more caffeine in the cup. Simple put the amount of caffeine lost in the roasting process is very minimal."  Will Rhoads

Someone said this on FB and I was just looking to evaluate and correct if needed.

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dang. i've been telling my customers wrong.... thanks for posting this!
"I want a really strong coffee, I need to wake up."

Our largest size cup of coffee contains more caffeine than any other beverage of the same volume.

"I want a strong coffee I like a bold taste."

We french press our house coffee, so it's pretty intense.

"I want a light coffee, I'm not really a coffee drinker."

*pour-over a Central/Latin American*

"Do you have a coffee that's lighter in caffeine but not decaffeinated?"

*re-constitute cold brewed coffee with hot water*

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