I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried or is using the Kone?  It says it can be used in a Hario as well which is what I would like to try.  I would assume it'd work best in an 02 not an 01?


I am going to be traveling around the US this year with my V60 set-up and it would be pretty amazing if this thing eliminated my need to find filters around the country or have to get them shipped to me.


If anyone has tried it (V60 or chemex or whatever), will you please talk about your experience?  I'd particularly like to know how you found it affected your brewing technique (example: my brain tells me the whole process may be shortened because the filter will hold more heat than a paper filter?)



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I had the chance to play with the Kone a few weeks ago and found it curious but not compelling.  It's been lauded (and designed) as a filter replacement for the Chemex but the Chemex profile is predicated on its filter, not the glass pot.  So, once you have that in mind - that the Kone is nothing like a Chemex or paper filter, then you're in the right mindset.


The Kone is $50 and is, well, shaped like a cone.  This means that you've got packing problems in order to maintain cone shape and avoid crushing - which during traveling means additional effort.  Consider that a package of 100 Chemex filters will run you $8 or a 100 pack of #4 melitta filters at the grocery store (that you can fold to fit a v60) will be under $3 and you're talking on the order of 1,700 cups of coffee in order to break even with the cost of the Kone - not to mention the pain of packing around the Kone in your baggage.


The biggest difference (problem) of the Kone is the presence of sediment due to the porous nature of the Kone. If you're really in love with the v60 profile (with the paper filter) then chances are you'll be disappointed with the results from a Kone.  We brewed the Kone in Chemex Glass and I found the difference between the Kone and the Chemex to be wide and not to my initial liking (though I will probably buy one for further testing purposes).


Like I said, you really don't need "specialized" v60 filters.  Yes, they are convenient but you'll get equivalent results from the grocery store #4 filters at a fraction of the cost.  Try them and compare.

It was a couple pages back, but there was a pretty good discussion about this a month or so ago. I tracked it down, in case there is any information in it that helps!

Don't know how I missed that previous discussion- sorry dudes!

Thanks for the input.

That was my post you're talking about! haha

I still don't have one, but I want one...From what I've heard and seen, it's going to be similar to an aeropress (texture wise) because of the little sediment and oils passing through. it's very little mind you. I've talked with coffee professionals, and they think it's fun, but not as good as hario or chemex filters. 


Now, it's Completely different, because it's not a paper filter, but it's just different. I've heard it's not quite a filter coffee, but it still tastes good and unique. I think it would be well worth it if you're like me and want to contribute to conserving our planet's resources and keeping it clean! : )

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