Anyone tried to make teflon gaskets? Sounds like a good idea...

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???? i have teflon covered portafilters and steaming wands on my gb5. what withstand the heat? whats 200s btw ? so someone said that teflon is cracking at 400 celsius, nut who and where is using that high temperature!!???
as for other gaskets, why not, i dont know for pitchers, but why not try? all that can help barista is good
Teflon for a group gasket would be very hard on your wrists, it is not very merciful. Even as a rubber group gasket ages and hardens, the hardness is tough on the users joints, not to mention it doesn't seal as well. Teflon can easily withstand the heat. We use them on all of our heating elements and they last longer than the element itself, but that is a non-moving part. Othere places on the machine, like the steam swivel, would be great with teflon.

We use telfon gaskets in our steam arms, boiler gaskets, thermal protection for group valves and element seals

I would also agree that it would not be a good idea to use telfon as a group gasket. as it would be to hard and not user friendly. The cost and time to replace a standard gasket is a much be option.

CMA Astoria.
Sweet. I guess there is a reason after all :)

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