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I am trying to set up a taste trial with four of the five basic taste, i.e. sweetness, bitterness, sourness and saltiness. The goal is to have four 'strengths' of the four tastes (16 in total) in small tasting cups, in random order, and letting people order them according to increasing strength of the particular taste. Now, for sweetness (sugar), sourness (citron-juice) and saltiness (tablesalt) the concentrations for solving it in water can be easily found (just try them, no danger). However, for bitterness I use (pure) caffeine in water. And basically, caffeine is dangerous (poisonous) in high concentrations. Therefore, I have two questions:

1) Has anyone else participated or constructed such tests?
2) Can anyone tell me the concentration (mg/ml or something) to safely use caffeine in water?

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We did that in eight grade science class. My daughter did it in her freshman year of high school. Ask a Science teacher.
That sort of taste lesson would be a great way to start a cupping class for beginners. It would teach them to understand their taste-buds before trying the coffee so they know what to look (or taste) for.
I shall have to get in touch with our instructor at our high school... thank you for a great idea!

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