Is anyone out in the coffee world doing anything in their shops for st. patrick's day?  Aside the fact that we can't serve alcohol in our shop, we are making green whipped cream and green latte art shamrocks.  I was wondering if there are any non-alcoholic coffee recipes that might make the day more festive.

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how are you making green latte art shamrocks?
That depends a lot on what kind of syrup selection your shop is rockin.

These are some of the sweeter lattes that I've made in the past that the normal sugar fanatic/special drink crazy customers have loved.

Nutty Irishman (16oz)
3p Irish Creme
2p Macadamia Nut (or hazelnut, toffee nut tends to be gross)
espresso, milk, I like to dust the drink with finely crushed hazelnuts

Smammered Hammered Mocha (16oz)
2p Mocha
2p White Mocha
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
4 shots
(I really like to make this one machiatto style, all upside down and craziness, with some mocha drizzle on the top, deisgns and etching are always cool with the color contrast. It's pretty important to stir the syrup/sugar REALLY well into the steamed milk before dumping the glory of massive espresso on top.)

Dublin Tea Latte
2 Tablespoons of Golden Yunnan, English Breakfast, or other brisk black teas steeped heavily for 5-7 minutes in 8oz of water: your base.
3 pumps irish creme
2 pumps white mocha
steamed milk with caramel drizzle and themed latte art.

I'm interested in knowing about the green latte art shamrocks as well!
Im interested on the shamrock too. Do you etch on your lattes? Add a little food color?
Green rice crispie treats. Yea, not very cool, but something at least.
We're a block away from about 6 "Irish Pubs" so our special plans include locking the bathrooms and steeling our jaws so that we don't punch drunk underaged minors in green tights when they say "woooooooo!" and take their tops off.
i've tried the green food coloring in the milk, but the latte's just look pretty gross when the milk hits the coffee. not very appetizing.

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