Looking for High resolution images of farms, growers, scenery. Suprisingly hard to find so please share any sources you can refer me to.

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i work for a direct trade coffee company and roastery so i have several pictures from trips we've taken. check out our website for some pictures we have up. i have tons more, so let me know if you have specific ideas. it also depends on the pictures since we use them for marketing, we don't want to have people using certain ones, if that makes sense... so let me know.

I've just got back from 5 months on coffee farms in Central America. I have LOADS of images!! some are on my main blog http://drcoffee.wordpress.com and some are on facebook:
You're welcome to use any you want (although please credit me!), but please email me if you want the higher res originals!
Likewise dont mind sharing...depending on what they would be used for. Let me know, cheers
Let me know Paul , I'm a coffee grower and promotor from Guatemala.-

best regards

A friend of mine owns Crop to Cup Coffee. If you don't see images here you can use, you may want to contact them. http://www.croptocup.com/
My name is John Gaberino. Our family has two small farms on the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador and a roastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have had some of our pictures of our farms on the cover of Roast Magazine. Here is a link to our sets on flickr. They can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/28717419@N00/sets/. As long as you give credit to the image, ie Topeca Coffee Farms in El Salvador, you can use any you would like. Just let me know which ones you like and I'll send you a high resolution version.

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