Quick input needed about how much brewed coffee to plan on for a local Fun Run

Hi all, I LOVE BARISTA EXCHANGE! I find this part about getting input from others so incredibly helpful....so thank you in advance!

I am wondering, has anyone pfovided brewed coffee for a Fun Run? And if so, how much coffee did you go through? I hear that there are 2000 runners in this upcoming run but i also know tht there are alot of families and a good number of kids. How do i know how many coffee drinkers to plan for? Half? a third? HELP!


Thanks all......



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I am not a runner (except for the call to dinner) but I would speculate that very few of the runners are going to want to drink coffee. Water and electrolyte replacers - yes.

Depending on the weather, a percentage of the folks watching the race will want coffee (and tea and hot chocolate for the kids).

Silly question: are you selling the coffee or giving it away? More people will grab a cup of free coffee whether they want it or not.

Another question: are the bystanders bunched up near the coffee station or are they spread out over the entire course? The distance between the bystander and the coffee station will also make a difference.

More questions than help, I am afraid.

Since you asked, I would guess on serving coffee to 10% of the bystanders (and 0% for the runners)

Yet another question: how fast can you get more coffee to the coffee station if you start running low and have underestimated demand?


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Hi Ron!

Thank you so much for your input and your questions....it all helps me to think about things i may not have thought about as i trek into new territory!

The coffee will be free and more like a sampling for runners after the race so i assume many runners and watchers will want some. Im going to use 8 or 6 ounce cups.

There is an awards ceremony after the race and that is when i assume people will want coffee but it is hard to know with all of the variables.

I think the key is something you mentioned...how long would it take to get more coffee to the site...im going to have runners/drivers who can go and grab more and bring it.


I think its going to be a trial and hopefully little error kind of event this first time! Probably will work out just fine though.


thanks again Ron!



The runners won"t drink coffee and about 10% of the bystanders. The runners will eat fruit or water or drink electrolyte replacers  we did a event like this and the bystander will bring things with them.


Thanks Tom!!! I appreciate your input!

We've done a number of runs like this we'll typically send out 10 gallons of regular and about 2.5 of decaf. Sometimes we could have used a bit more sometimes there's leftovers. If its going to be early in the morning you may want to have the ability to restock.

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