I ran across this sample roaster in a storage unit sale. It was missing power cord which has since been re-wired. It has a good motor but I'm having trouble getting power restored to the drums. Anyone have any info on this model, or access to a pdf manual? 





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You got that enameled probat setup at storage unit sale? Wow!!!, mind saying how cheap? I've only seen pictures of those type.

Probat should be able to send some info.


ps If you can't fix it, I'm willing to take it off your hands


So far I have only put in the cost of a power cord...I knew the owner and needed a project.


I'll make some calls. :)



hey heather, shouldn't be too tough... any electrician or hvac guy will be able to troubleshoot it for you. if it is like other samples roasters, the drums are run by belt. i'd start there. good luck!

did you need this roaster or have any interest in selling it I am in need of this exact model.

if so shoot me a response to justin@ozocoffee.com

thanks justin

What's the status of this roaster? any interest in selling it?

Status is stilling looking for parts and manual. Some of the switches aren't working so thats the next step...


Not selling. This is a restoration project of mine



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