Hi everyone, I hope it it ok to list items for sale with my first post.  I have looked elsewhere for an appropriate site to list these items.

  I have had this roaster for over twenty years.  It is in good used condition.  I roast 200-400 pounds a week through it. It was manufactured in the early nineties.  It has served me very well.  I have some exhaust piping to go with it.  It has a few small issues, but nothing that inhibits it’s usability.  I just finished 210 pounds just now.  We are going to be closing our doors to retire soon and need to find a new home for it.

  This l12 is natural gas.  Still has the lower altitude burners.  It was recommended that I keep that, they said we were on the edge for needing high altitude burners.  I roast 18 lbs. green, 15 finished average.  I don’t recommend anything below 5 lbs. finished.  The reason for the lower weight was mostly for cooling.  With the thin air at our altitude.  Truly a workhorse, manual controls.


  Secondly, I have a two barrel 500g electric(220v) probat sample roaster.  About a pound finished per side, per roast.  It was originally natural gas, but previous owner converted to electric.  Works well, would have preferred gas with a manual valve control.  Extra burners.


I will add some pictures soon, both are located in Colorado.  Up and running right now.  Not closed yet, I thought that I would start early looking for a buyer.  Thanks, Ed 

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Hey there Ed we talked on Ebay
720 892 9927 let me know when next week would work

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