We are super unhappy with our current POS system. Just wanted to see what everyone is using, how cost effective it is, and if anyone is using Square Register?


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We use Sqare with an iPad and a cash register drawer only.  Square works really well.  Although I think there is a way, we don't do any paper receipts (email and text only) which a very few customers don't like.  There also seems to be no way to do discounts on purchases, such as 25% off an entire sale (someone correct me if I am wrong). If you have good reliable wifi/4g access, Square is great. Baristas and customers love it.

Bambi Clark said:

Is it possible to use square if you have no pos system? We just use a regular cash register.

With Square Register, you can connect a cash drawer and a receipt printer. Also, besides adding inventory items, you can also create and apply discounts.

The shop that I work at uses square. We love it. It is so easy to use and customers with Iphones love it as well! 

Square is great for quick down and dirty virtual instant approval taking cc's with iPhone or Android. Was looking at Square Register for implementing our POS system but after further research am working on setting up Salesvu. Salesvu has quite a few features SR doesn't, like employee punch clock, setting up products/categories/modifiers/discounts etc. online then pushed to one or more iPads, once setup can export to excel -  make price changes etc - import back - but can't create new items to be imported. Access live time reports remotely for one or more iPads hence locations. Interface directly from app to facebook for specials etc. Don't know what all it can do yet, still setting it up. And 0.05% lower clearing than Square -  2.7 vs 2.75% - though you do actually setup a real Merchant Account (same as PayAnywhere - 2.69% - but don't like the app features near as well as Salesvu.) Salesvu only the first cc swiper is free, additional $99 - targeted at more serious business use rather than individual users like Square. Also with Salesvu if card won't read and enter manually rate stays the same and not held up to 30 days. More than $1k per day not deposit delayed like with Square either.

that have used square, does it keep track by employee performance and time.
Does it integrate with quick books, payroll software, or inventory programs?

We are a pretty busy coffeehouse is DC, looking to upgrade our POS system.  We're looking into FOCUS, has anyone had any experience with them or have any other suggestions?

well, all we had was the register and had to turn away customers with cards. we've been using it for about a month now and it's been a complete success. we use it with an ipod touch so as long as theres an internet connection we're set. When it's down we just use the managers iphone and problem solved. we're happy and so are the costumers!

Square processing is very fast IF you use a very fast internet connection. We use it via wifi not G3/G4 and it's lightning fast. Out and about for mobile gigs it's slower yes, but in shop not slow at all.

Just saw that Starbucks is going to start using Square and is investing $25 million in the company.  Hope they don't corrupt a good thing. 



Yup. And now another reason I'm glad I went with Salesvu instead of Square Register for our POS and cc clearing.

Now when have they ever done THAT???

(Let's not forget that they also put good ol' uncle Howie on the board.)


Keith Eckert said:

Just saw that Starbucks is going to start using Square and is investing $25 million in the company.  Hope they don't corrupt a good thing. 



I'm not too concerned about Starbucks/Square. If they decide to go the proprietary route a la the clover, then I would have already recouped our investment and still have a merchant account with our legacy provider.

We now use Square with our CSM setup a la Jack.  Took us awhile to implement but now that it's rolling, I'm rather pleased. Yes, it does add several steps to the transaction compared to the integrated method on CSM - but the savings are worth the trouble.

I'm a simpleton when it comes to merchant accounts. Our "fee" is 1.57%, which is quite a good rate. The complexity comes with all the swipes, charges, fees, etc. So I simply take our monthly statement, add up all the fees the cc has subtracted and divide in the gross cc sales processed.  There has never been a month when the fees have been less than 4%, usually around 6-8%, and sometimes as much as 9%.

Presume that you process $2500/mo in cc transactions, under our current merchant account, we will be charged between $100 to $225 for that month in fees. Square will charge $68.75 (presuming only swiped transactions). That's $31.25 to $156.25 in your pocket per month to pay other more important items, like dairy, paper, coffee or simply mad money for the owner.

Consider that a new iPod now costs $200 and you will have paid back your investment in Square within two months.

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