What do you use for a palate refresher? I've recently been trying some different things (like drinking Pelegrino), but I want something that refreshes my mouth after tuning espresso in and such....

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Dave_G said:
Well if you sniff roasted beans to refresh your nose after testing perfume; does that mean that squirting perfume in your mouth after 'spro refreshes in the opposite kind of way?
This may not be popular, but cheese puffs work really well. They scrub, they clean, and the saltiness re-sets you back to zero.
Vodka. No, seriously. It works very well.
I just realized that I was distracted when I wrote that and referred to its title; vodka is a good palate cleanser.
As for palate refreshers, I've had good results using sorbets, 'sharp'/tart apple slices, nearly frozen grapes, etc.

Jeremy Conley said:
Vodka. No, seriously. It works very well.
Water... Lots and lots of water. Drink it before tasting in order to be super hydrated. This will help you taste more effectively. Swish and spit the water a lot during cupping/espresso tasting. This will wash your mouth and not add a new taste that the next coffee will have to fight like a highly carbonated or sparkling water may. And then drink a lot during the tasting as well.

I know this will sound super crazy to some. But, in order to reset your aroma sensors,... Smell your wrist. Crazy!! I know!! But it works. Try it if you doubt,... Or if you don't doubt, obviously.
Plain water and simple bread with no salt. And yes, tons of water during the process of cup/tasting. A bit behind in time, but I hope my comment also helps.

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