I am new to the coffee roasters group.  I am very serious about purchasing my first commercial roaster this year and I would love some recommendations on what brand/type of roaster to purchase.  I've read discussions on other forums that seem to contradict themselves.  I am looking to purchase a roaster that can handle at least a 10lb charge.  (that's 10lb roasted)  I have about $10K to invest.

I have a strong passion for great coffee and I would cherish any advice and recommendations you would have for me.  Thank you in advance!



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The customer service at Coffee Per Inc is also outstanding, look what they did for us just because. (btm right corner is our name and logo).
I also have personal experience with Coffee/Per. Check out my page for photos of my little one-pound wonder that I've used to teach myself the craft of roasting!

Last summer when I was looking for my roaster, Bill answered all of my questions and was very reassuring. I also went out to their shop near Reno and he spent a whole day training me. Coffee/Per is a gritty machine shop where everything is handmade using high quality materials. They are also constantly innovating and tweaking their equipment when they get an idea of how to make something just a little bit better. Bill also has the background of being an artisan roaster for many years, so he understands the roast process very well. Overall a very high quality operation that cares about its customers. It's over a year after I made my purchase and I've been in touch w/ them several times with questions... never a problem.
Although their machines are of good quality, I would be leery of Diedrich these days. Their customer service is a perfect example of how things should NOT be done. I have just gone through a completely exasperating experience with them while purchasing a new IR-1. If that was how they treat new customers purchasing new equipment I can only imagine what it will be like when I finally have to call them about my used IR-12. There is another thread in the Coffee Roasters group about this, so I'll go no further. I'm sorry I can't help you find the one you want, but I hope I can help keep you from a headache. Good luck with your search!

Just curious Nathan... what have you settled on? or leaning towards? I may be in your shoes in about a year.




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