Dear Colleagues Baristi, what can you please tell me about the Nuova Simonelli grinder "Mythos"?

Thank you

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I'm looking forward to this discussion as well. I could not be happier with my Aurelia two group. Now you got me interested on how well they are doing in the world of spro grinders....
Same here with our Aurelia 2 group. Fantastic machine. Can't afford a Mythos to go with it, but the MDX does quite the job just the same. Not the best looking grinder with all the bells and whistles, but it is a solid workhorse. Later!
Hi Shadow, thank you very much for your feedback much appreciated. Ciao Giovanni
Hi Nik, thank you very much for your reply. You sold it to me!

nik orosi said:
maybe is stupid but i just wanted to see when the burns will actually 'colapse' so now im on 1,3t and still works, not great but...(btw, i have more than one grinder so i wanted to taste mythos to the extream)
you have options titanium or normal burns, mine are golden plated and they worth every penny... comparing to robur mazzer automatic, this grinder is fast and constant in dosing...

Giovanni said:
Hi Nik, thank you very much for your reply. You sold it to me!

nik orosi said:

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