I saw a strange espresso machine at coffee fest. The pump and boiler and pretty much everything were in an under-the-counter box with only a minimal grouphead stand above the counter. It looked like an old-fashioned soda fountain. Very sleek. There were about 50 people swarming around and inside the booth so I couldn't bear to stick around to find out due to my state of consciousness at the time.

Does anybody know anything about it?

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redundancy is key, every new store we open will have 2 machines but 2 two group machines is the only thing that really makes sense to me. How sweet would a pair of Jet Steam's fed by Robur's be on a clean austere marble counter be.
I don't have one in service yet. If I remember clearly these were all off-the-shelf La Mar. parts. What I am going to do is run two of these one-groups at a time with two baristas. These guys did not speak the barista vernacular but what I can tell you is that they really knew their technical data as well if not better than the synesso/la mar engineers. I really was impressed with these machines.
Thanks for the info folks!
Did these guys sell or partner with La Marzocco USA, I've tried to contact the company but have had no response. Anyone know anything?
Thanks for the bump, I missed this thread. This machine looks crazy, any NEW info on it?
As far as I'm aware the partnership with la marzocco USA is for distribution, but not completely sure. There's a thread on coffeesnobs.net.au where someone from Jetsteam jumped in a posted some pretty good info, leaving a contact email address - I sent him an email some time ago and found them very quick to respond and quite forthcoming with info.

Jason Shipley said:
Did these guys sell or partner with La Marzocco USA, I've tried to contact the company but have had no response. Anyone know anything?

Jason Shipley said:
How does this marvel of aesthetics do as far as temperature control is concerned.
Hi all, it is nice to hear the positive feedback from those who have experienced the machines we brought to CoffeeFest Seattle. Our apologies for the web site, we are going through a major web update and it's just not done yet, too busy spinning wrenches ;) look for more info on our site soon...

In the meantime, we are always eager to answer any questions (or dispel myths!) about our equipment line, drop an email to me: corey@jet-steam.com or our lead engineer Aric: aric@jet-steam.com

And yes, it is true, we are building two-group machines. As soon as the first ones are ready I will photograph and post pics/specs to our site and bx.

Also, La Marzocco has been a great friend to us over the last year or so, they are poised to be our US Distribution arm, and are some of the finest individuals I have met to date... more info on that too as things develop.

For anyone who directs questions to our inbox, please feel free to post our response on any relevant forum... we have nothing to hide!

ciao for now, corey.

p.s. thanks Jason Dominey for pointing me in the direction of this forum topic.
I saw this unit two Seattle coffee fests back. I wanted it when I saw it. Now I have to find the right home/coffee shop for it. Although cup height is a factor in the American coffee market.
They do have the science down. Single group won't cut it in a busy shop/drive thru. I'm sure the engineers know this by now.

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