Don't post my cups often but this one just slapped me up side the head. That would be our new washed Sidamo my morning Americano 8 day rested pulled on my Bricoletta at home. Damn this is an Excellent washed Ethiopia!

Greens sourced from our friends at Café Imports, major hitter in top rung greens for big boys:) Just had to mention it, simply a killer example of a fine washed Ethiopia coffee. Upfront hot the citrus tangerine strikingly clear, as it cools the milk chocolate builds and the tangerine isn't fading with a bit of floral can't quite pin point it coming in. Delish! Damn I'm having trouble letting it cool all the way down to room temp almost gone, too good to quit sipping!

FWIW USRC drum roasted 432f | 14:45min | start of 1st ~11:45min.



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nice, sounds great. What temp do you hit first crack at? And i really like how you list your coffees with the finish roast temp.

Love hearing you getting great fruit notes out of washed coffee! I have been veering away from natural processed offering recently because of the predictability. I've been really happy with the coffees I've gotten recently from Imports as well. The El Salvador Bella Vista we're currently roasting ('09 COE coffee) is a great washed process with some huge strawberry aromas.

I'm not familiar with your abbreviations. What are you roasting on?

FWIW = for what it's worth :)

USRC = US Roaster Corp. Roasting on 3k w/profile controller. USRC roasters are "under rated" IMO,  roasts more like most 5k. In other words my standard production batches are to yield 6lb post roast, greens from 6.95 to 7.35lb depending on green, roast etc with good control. The 7 post roast blended batches I do for a Delirium run currently 7.95lb greens each to yield 47lb.

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