Darth Vader has been re-born. We have enough donations now to replace the Darth Vader piggy bank, thanks to the following for your contributions:

Terry Z @ Espresso Parts
Matt M @ American Barista Coffee School/Barista Exchange
Jay @ Dillanos
Jeff G @ Stirling Syrups
Ben Brown
Scott B

Uncofirmed but ready to donate:

Zak Rye @ Ugly Mug

Hello bX. Tony made a post about his cherished Darth Vader piggy bank that was stolen from the great party they hosted (and SCAA) in Chicago last weekend. For those of us who were there and I'm sure had our share of booze and fun, I have a request ...

If enough of us can pitch in, I'll organize the purchase and shipping of a new Darth Vader piggy bank, courtesy of the Barista Exchange family.

Try this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_butt...

... I think $50 will cover the purchase and shipping and I'll post when we reach it.

Tony, which bank was it?


Tony, thanks for the great party. We'll see if we can help! :)

- Matt

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Thanks Zak!

Zak Rye said:
meh, here's some dough either way.


yeah that's tia and tamara....
tony gets it.
Jay--- That's you in the Darth suit, isn't it?



Jay Lijewski (TacomaPenna) said:
yeah...as my profile states... i'm totally not affiliated with the Ugly Mug in Memphis....
Dude. if I had such a killer Vader suit...do you think I would EVER wear anything else??

elvin said:
Jay--- That's you in the Darth suit, isn't it?



Jay Lijewski (TacomaPenna) said:

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