I just purchased a mazzer mini from Wholelattelove. Well I purchased it about three weeks ago but I am just now putting it through it's paces. My problem/question is that it doesn't seem to do anything but give the coffee beans a nice little joy ride in the grinding chamber on a fine setting. When I dial back to a coarser grind it starts to go to work.

I called their technical support hotline and was told the mini needs to be "seasoned" first and that it takes time to get it operating efficiently. I was instructed to put only small amounts in at first and that especially dark-roasted "oily" beans would be the most problematic initially.

Anyone else have this experience. Talk about a buzz-kill. I can't even get a decent grind to pull my virgin espresso shot at home.




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Hmm, it is quite possible that they need to be seasoned, and worth trying as a solution before doing anything else. 

When steel burrs are made, they are manufactured by a process called milling using a CNC machine.  While this process is extremely accurate, the cutting bits the CNC uses age over time and the resulting working edges of the burrs have small imperfections on them (but are still well within the tolerance specifications of the manufacturer). New burr sets in every steel burr grinder I know of take some time to get worn in or seasoned, so this should not concern you.  It is especially noticeable on espresso grind settings. 

A good trick is to grab a few pounds of uncooked white rice and run it through your mini, as it accelerates the seasoning process. Start there and if you don't see an improvement give us an update. 


Venia Coffee

Yes, there's a break-in process, but I've never seen or heard of this happening with a mini or super jolly before. Perhaps that grind setting is way too fine?

I have a friend who had that problem with his Mini.  He adjusted the burrs too fine right out of the box.  You need to put coffee in and do the major adjustments while grinding coffee.

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