A friends cafe is having an issue with their milk steaming. The espresso machine they use is a Ranchilio Epoca double group head, and it's only a couple years old. The only information I have is that their milk is getting big soapy bubbles. They haven't had a staff change in over a year so that's not one of my first concerns.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this machine and could pass along any tips? I've only worked on Simonelli's thus far, so my first thought is to do a thorough cleaning of the steam tip before checking gauges/water pressure and temperature.

Thanks in advance!

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Certainly clean the tips. I'd put a gauge on the end of the steam wand to see if both gauges read the same.

Up where I am, there was the same issue for 12 stores all at once. It was due to the milk itself. I'd recommend trying a different brand of milk too.

I didn't even think of the milk itself. Thanks for the tip! And I was just told its only the whole milk they're having problems with, so my guess is it's not an equipment issue after all.

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