I am sure the price will prohibit me from getting one, but I am curious if anyone is using one, yet.  Mahlkonig doesn't show it on the website yet, but I saw a pic of it in BMag. Did anyone happen to see it in Anaheim? Impressions?

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The ProM started appearing on European blogs back in November '09. I placed an order through a local distributor but according to the feedback he got from Mahlkonig the grinders were held up at customs for electrical reasons. Six months later they still aren't released in the U.S. I currently use two Mahlkonig K30 Varios and have been extremely pleased. For around $1500 each they are a great machine. Very quiet, very fast and a workhorse if put to the test. Used ones go for around a grand.

Based on my negative experience with the Baratza Vario I have lost my interest in the ProM.
Yes i used this item and it was great. Just make sure there is no humidity in the shop and the espresso grind will be great. I used them in Kuwait when i opened second cup and faced only humidity problem. But over all they are great.

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