It's expensive enough on its own. Add the $300+ airline ticket and you're hurtin! I say we just roadtrip from washington down there. If a bunch of us baristas get together and pitch in for gas we're set!!!!

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I'm not involved in planning the camp but it's really not that expensive. Under $600 exclusive of airfare to/from LAX - and this includes ground transportation to/from LAX to the camp location in Santa Barbara, as well as lodging, classes and meals for three nights at what looks to be a pretty nice lodge.

don't know where you are in the world, but airfare on Southwest Airlines from BWI (East Coast) to LAX can run you as low as $300 r/t. Add a couple hundred dollars for pocket expenses and alcohol and you've got yourself a nice professional educational trip for under $1000. It's really a helluva deal and considering the variables involved, the BGA has done a great job keeping it as affordable as possible.

Consider that the El Capitan Canyon rents the Safari Queen Tent (for 2) for $155/night on those nights and that roundtrip transfers from LAX to Santa Barbara can easily cost $200 or more, plus meals and whatever the BGA normally charges for the classes it's giving and the cost is quite notable.

Of course, there are things to gripe about - like it's non-central United States location, meaning that East Coasters or MidWesterners MUST fly, but Camp can be had for a very reasonable price even considering airfare with enough planning.
It sounds like a great time and I wish I could make it out there. Maybe next year. As far as pricing goes, as Jay has already mentioned, it really is a great deal.
The Roaster's Guild retreat that is going on this weekend in Stevenson Washington is a great time also and I feel the two that I have attended were worth my money. The price of that event is about $100 more than the BG Camp and that does not include lodging or the price of a shuttle.
I'm actually surprised the BGA was able to secure such a good price with lodging included. Have fun it should be a great time and it should be money well spent. The road trip also sound like an awesome idea.
This is a great idea, but like Jay said, you can find some really great airfare deals there.
i'm in texas, sorry!
Lemme see what I can do between our baristas... I might be able to get some interested folks between our shops here (10 or so of our baristas aren't on bX very often at all)... I'll keep you posted.

jimmy, where in texas? i'm in austin.

Jimmy Majors said:
i'm in texas, sorry!
I'm not sure if you've also heard yet, but there is a referral program for Barista Camp as well.

Refer 10 baristas, get $500 back!

But, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to save even more by referring your fellow baristas or, if you're a cafe owner, sending your whole staff. If you refer 10 attendees, who register and pay, you will be given a $500 credit on your registration!

Here's how it works:

• Tell your referees to enter your name as instructed during the registration process online
• Only one referral per paid attendee
• Once you achieve 10 paid attendees, Marcus Boni will send you the credit or discount code via

Hope to see many of you in Santa Barbara!
I'm in Nacogdoches

rothko said:
jimmy, where in texas? i'm in austin.

Jimmy Majors said:
i'm in texas, sorry!

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