Hi Guys

I need a bit of advice. I want to replace our Brasilia machine in our shop and I am in two minds as to what machine we should
get. We have a small shop but it does get busy on Saturdays and on lunch
times. On Saturdays we are 2 Baristas but for the rest of the time only
one. Our current machine is a 2 group and I have always felt it's ok.

Here is the two machines that I am looking at:

I can get a secondhand refurbished La Marzocco Linea 3 group from the
local La Marzocco supplier for about $5460(USD). It comes with a 1 year
guarantee. I love these machines but I am a bit worried about
maintenance on a refurbished machine.

My next option is a new 2 group Faema E92 it is the one with the auto steam for about the same
price as the Linea 3 group. My problem is that I have no experience with
this machine. I know that it has a heat exchanger with an adjustable
thermal balancing system.
I have heard that the big difference between these machines is that the La marzocco has a straighter extraction profile due to its double boiler
that gives a very constant extraction temperature.
I have seen the results of the Faema's auto steam and I have to say I was quite amazed.

Any thoughts will be appreciated


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My Aurelia has the standard wands on each end. It does have the Smart Wand and that appears to be a no-scald design.

I do agree that the Aurelia is a steam demon.

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