I spent last weekend in Chicago taking care of some business and thought I'd try to visit the much touted Intelligentsia there. I was on West Fulton and drove by the address listed on their website, missing it twice. I know it was supposed to be closed that day but, man, either the address was wrong, I'm an idiot or they do a great job of blending in with all the other non-descript buildings in that area.

Anyway, I did manage to grab a 1/2 pound of black cat from a shop in Lincoln Park (Thanks Delicious/Stubbs Cafe!). I just got around to grinding and pulling a double this morning and it was fantastic. It was not nearly as sharp as, say, ancient Starbucks espresso roast. It was much more subtle with lots of interesting notes (to borrow wine terminology). I'm not sure I'll like it as much in my sweet coffee drinks though. It might be too quiet when blended with hot chocolate or other stronger flavors. I guess I'll see later this week.

Any thoughts?

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Next time you're in Chicago, let me know.
Adam Jake said:
Next time you're in Chicago, let me know.

I'll be back up on the 7th of November for at least a few days. I'll send you a message when the date get closer.
I'll be in Oakbrook Terrace all this week. I'd love to get around to see some shops while I'm here. Anyone have any suggestions?

Adam Jake said:
Next time you're in Chicago, let me know.

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