Hey, I know we have some great coffee thereabouts.  4 of my baristas are driving through, Durham & Charlotte area, sometime tomorrow.  Where should I send them?  They might be willing to range pretty far afield if you can tell us where.  Thanks in advance!

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Cafe Driade or Open Eye are good bets
Counter Culture Coffee has a bit of a cupping every Friday, don't' they? Even if they don't, those guys will absolutely know the best coffee in the metro area. And most of the rest of the tri-state area as well.
3 cups in Chapel Hill is a must see. Yes counter culture coffee has a cupping that starts at 10 and is open to the public....at the end, usually around 11, they will give you a tour of the rest of the roasting facility. Durham is a fun place as well, try Joe Van Gogh..copa vida...madhatters.
I'm on bar at The Coffee Garden this morning if they're passing through Charlotte. We're just off I-485 on the south east side.

Other spots in Charlotte that are worth a stop are Dilworth Coffee at East Blvd and Kenilworth and Central Coffee at the corner of Central Ave and Louise. Brent does also do a cupping at the Counter Culture Charlotte training center, same time as they do it at the mothership. His training center is at Davidson and 15th, just off of I-277.

Hope that helps.
let us know where they went and what they thought
Will do! Haven't touched base with them since they left but they should have finished their journey by now.

Andrew Cash said:
let us know where they went and what they thought
Dang! Sorry I missed ya, but next time you or they are in town swing by Joe Van Gogh!

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