We have just recently installed a WBC Spec Mahlkonig Grinder in our shop, and I'm having a few problems with it.

The whole idea behind getting this grinder was for competion training purposes, yes we have the Aurelia WBC as well.

When we grind, it tends to spit the coffee out, almost as if there is static charge that is building up in the grinder. Has anyone every had a problem like this? And how do you get around it?

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I have reported the clumping problem to Gary Horne twice but I must assume since I am not a professional barista it doesn't matter. It is definitely a problem that I am getting tired of having to deal with.
If you are looking for a k10 doserless, you can get one at guidoscoffee.com
if it's not on the page, email them and they will send you pricing for both models.
Hey guys.

So here is the update. We have been in contact with the local ( South Africa ) distrubuter for Mahlkoenig. The have been very effecient and helpful.

We are getting a brand new kit for our K30.

What this kit consists of is the following. A brass ring around the main grinder unit, this will help with static issues. Next they have replaced the entire chute to help with the clumping issues. There are some other aditions to the kit, and as soon as this arrives I will post some photo's for all to see.

Just a curve ball question here. Have any of you had any major heating issues with the K30 in a high intensity coffee shop enviroment?

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