I never really thought about it until today. Early on, maybe 3 years ago, I unscrewed all the spouts on my La Spaz porta-filters and just let the extractions drop straight down. Other than splitting a double shot, I can't figure out why I'd want the spout at all? I put a double spout back on today, and realized how damn clumsy the PF became with both the extra weight and added attachment.....seems it bumps into stuff too. I've never done single extractions; only doubles. And I can't come up with a reason to have any spouts at all? Sure, some operators machine off the bottom of the PF's for that naked view, but since everything is realtively dialed in and I don't suffer channeling or premature blonding, I have left well enough alone. I'm just curious..... is there anyone else out there that's evolved off to the side, so to speak, like I did? From the attached photo, you can see my PF in the brewgroup, minus the spout and showing threads.

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I find it easier to clean, inside and out. The inside shoulder fits against the screws and leaves no space for buildup. Also, I don't get any splatter what so ever and it centers easily on my tamping stand. It is much shorter than the split spout, but longer than no spout at all. I would prefer no spout or this straight shot spout over any other for my use. What you get used to.

Brady said:
I don't understand the idea of the single spout as shown in your picture, N. F... seems like it accomplishes the same function as Al's half-naked, but with less clearance for cups and less easy cleanability. What are the benefits of running this over just having nothing screwed on? Cosmetics?

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